wrf.destagger(var, stagger_dim, meta=False)

Return the variable on the unstaggered grid.

This function destaggers the variable by taking the average of the values located on either side of the grid box.

  • var (xarray.DataArray or numpy.ndarray) – A variable on a staggered grid.
  • stagger_dim (int) – The dimension index to destagger. Negative values can be used to choose dimensions referenced from the right hand side (-1 is the rightmost dimension).
  • meta (bool, optional) – Set to False to disable metadata and return numpy.ndarray instead of xarray.DataArray. Default is False.

The destaggered variable. If xarray is enabled and the meta parameter is True, then the result will be a xarray.DataArray object. Otherwise, the result will be a numpy.ndarray object with no metadata.

Return type:

xarray.DataArray or numpy.ndarray