WRF-Python has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which is a persistent identifier for web-based resources. The wrf-python DOI, when used in URL form,, provides a persistent link to the wrf-python Github page. The benefit of DOIs is that they are widely accepted by academic publishers as citable locators for scholarly objects.

If you author a paper that involves data analysis with wrf-python, or visualizations created with wrf-python, we would like to ask you to please cite wrf-python. This helps us better understand the impact of the software on the scientific community, which in turns helps us maintain support for the effort.

You can cite wrf-python using the following citation:

Ladwig, W. (2017). wrf-python (Version x.x.x) [Software]. Boulder, Colorado: UCAR/NCAR.


The version number x.x.x should be set to the version of wrf-python that you are using.