class wrf.RotatedLatLon(**proj_params)

A wrf.WrfProj subclass for Rotated Lat Lon projections.


Initialize a wrf.RotatedLatLon object.


Map projection optional keyword arguments, that have the same names as found in WRF output NetCDF global attributes:

  • ’TRUELAT1’: True latitude 1.
  • ’TRUELAT2’: True latitude 2.
  • ’MOAD_CEN_LAT’: Mother of all domains center latitude.
  • ’STAND_LON’: Standard longitude.
  • ’POLE_LAT’: Pole latitude.
  • ’POLE_LON’: Pole longitude.


__init__(**proj_params) Initialize a wrf.RotatedLatLon object.
basemap(geobounds, **kwargs) Return a matplotlib.mpl_toolkits.basemap.Basemap object for the map projection.
cartopy() Return a cartopy.crs.Projection subclass for the map projection.
cartopy_xlim(geobounds) Return the x extents in projected coordinates for cartopy.
cartopy_ylim(geobounds) Return the y extents in projected coordinates for cartopy.
cf() Return a dictionary with the NetCDF CF parameters for the projection.
proj4() Return the PROJ.4 string for the map projection.
pyngl(geobounds, **kwargs) Return a Ngl.Resources object for the map projection.