class wrf.combine_dims(pairs)

A callable class that mixes dimension sizes from different function arguments.

This callable object is used for determining the output size for the extension module functions. The class is initialized with a sequence of pairs, where the first value is the function argument index. The second value is the dimension index(es) to use. The second value can be a single integer or a sequence if multiple dimensions are used.


Return a tuple with the combined dimension sizes.

Parameters:*args – The function arguments from which to extract the dimensions sizes.
Returns:The shape for the combined dimensions.
Return type:tuple

sequence – A sequence representing how to combine the dimensions.


# Take the -3, and -2 dimension sizes from argument 0
# Then take the -1 dimension size from argument 1
pairs = [(0, (-3, -2), (1, -1)]

combo = combine_dims(pairs)

Initialize a combine_dims object.

Parameters:pairs (sequence) – A sequence where each element is a pair (tuple), with the first element being the function argument index and the second value being either an integer or sequence for the dimension size indexes to use.


__init__(pairs) Initialize a combine_dims object.