wrf.omp_set_schedule(kind, modifier=0)

Set the schedule that is applied when runtime is used as schedule kind, by setting the value of the run-sched-var ICV.

The effect of this routine is to set the value of the run-sched-var ICV of the current task to the values specified in the two arguments. The schedule is set to the schedule type specified by the first argument kind. It can be any of the standard schedule types or any other implementation specific one. For the schedule types static, dynamic, and guided the chunk_size is set to the value of the second argument, or to the default chunk_size if the value of the second argument is less than 1; for the schedule type auto the second argument has no meaning; for implementation specific schedule types, the values and associated meanings of the second argument are implementation defined.

  • kind (int) – Must be wrf.OMP_SCHED_STATIC, wrf.OMP_SCHED_DYNAMIC, wrf.OMP_SCHED_GUIDED, or wrf.OMP_SCHED_AUTO.
  • modifier (int) – An implementation specific value, depending on the choice for kind. This parameter is alternatively named chunk_size in some OpenMP documentation. Default is 0, which means the OpenMP implementation will use its default value.