What’s New



  • Relase 1.0.3
  • Fixed an issue with the cartopy Mercator subclass where the xlimits were being calculated to the same value (or very close), causing blank plots.


  • Release 1.0.2
  • Fixed issue with the wspd_wdir product types when sequences of files are used.


  • Release 1.0.1
  • Fixed issue with initialization of PolarStereographic and LatLon map projection objects.
  • Fixed issue where XTIME could be included in the coordinate list of a variable, but the actual XTIME variable could be missing. NCL allows this, so wrf-python should as well.


  • Release 1.0.0.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to set the thread-local coordinate cache to 0 to disable it. Also, the cache will now correctly resize itself when the size is reduced to less than its current setting.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’ time used in geo_em files causing crashes due to the invalid time. The time is now set to numpy.datetime64(‘NaT’).
  • Fixed issue with wrf.cape_3d not working correctly with a single column of data.

Beta Releases


  • Beta release 3.
  • Improvements made for conda-forge integration testing.
  • Fixed an incorrectly initialized variable issue with vinterp. This issue mainly impacts the unit tests for continuous integration testing with conda-forge, since the data set used for these tests is heavily cropped.
  • Back-ported the inspect.BoundArguments.apply_defaults so that Python 3.4 works. Windows users that want to try out wrf-python with Python 3.4 can use the bladwig conda channel to get it.


  • Beta release 2.
  • xarray 0.9 no longer includes default index dimensions in the coordinate mappings. This was causing a crash in the routines that cause a reduction in dimension shape, mainly the interpolation routines. This has been fixed.
  • Documentation updated to show the new output from xarray.


  • Beta release 1.
  • Added more packaging boilerplate.
  • Note: Currently unable to build with Python 3.5 on Windows, due to issues with distutils, numpy distutils, and mingw compiler. Will attempt to find a workaround before the next release. Windows users should use Python 2.7 or Python 3.4 for now.

Alpha Releases


  • Alpha release 3.
  • Added docstrings.
  • The mapping API has changed.
    • The projection attributes are no longer arrays for moving domains.
    • Utility functions have been added for extracting geobounds. It is now easier to get map projection objects from sliced variables.
    • Utility functions have been added for getting cartopy, basemap, and pyngl objects.
    • Users should no longer need to use xarray attributes directly
  • Now uses CoordPair for cross sections so that lat/lon can be used instead of raw x,y grid coordinates.
  • Renamed npvalues to to_np which is more intuitive.
  • Fixed issue with generator expressions.
  • Renamed some functions and arguments.

Known Issues


  • Currently unable to build on Windows with Python 3.5+ using open source mingw compiler. The mingwpy project is working on resolving the incompatibilities between mingw and Visual Studio 2015 that was used to build Python 3.5+. Numpy 1.13 also has improved f2py support for Python 3.5+ on Windows, so this will be revisited when it is released.